1.(Access to exclusive investment opportunities) open to accredited and non-accredited investors (this opens up the people that have never had an opportunity to invest in an asset class or company in the growth stage and take advantage of what the privileged few have been doing for all this time to build wealth.

2.Transparency- If you invest in a Reg A+ fund, then you are able to see whats happening with the company, as we are a company that has to report everything to the SEC making it publicly visible. If you need to find out some information it’s as simple as logging into SEC.gov and looking that company up vs. a private offering where there is no obligation to report to investors leaving some in the dark and only finding out things when the un expected occurs like not getting paid on your investment.

Reports we are obligated to file with SEC keeping investors informed:

  • Annual reports, in which companies must disclose information about business operations and transactions and provide analysis, along with two years of audited financials
  • Semi-annual reports, in which companies must provide unaudited financial statements as well as management discussion and analysis
  • Event reports, in which companies must file in the event of a material change to the rights of shareholders or to the nature of the business itself

3. SDIRA Investor friendly- Don’t get caught in a prohibited transaction and get your SDIRA wiped out. Reg A+ are approved as a qualified investment with your SDIRA. Your able to purchase securities within your SDIRA. Again when looking to invest in anything do as much Due Diligence as possible. Since Reg A+ has to report to SEC as stated above your able to look into whats going on giving you SDIRA custodian and you a sense of security.

4. If you use an RIA (registered investment advisor) – they can do their job much easier than investing in some private offering or JV that may even be illegal.

5.Techonology helping to level the playing field – Most Reg A+ offerings that you will see will most likely have decent technology. Which means for investors there is generally a nice user interface(on line dashboard to monitor and invest) This makes investing in this kind of investment that much easier.